Gone are the days when brands used to rely only on traditional media like television commercials, Radio jingles or Print ads. These are considered as one way communication platform. After the evolution of new media marketers has realized that one way communication only disinterest the customers. They have now accepted that new media is the key to success for their brand which allows the two way communication and help brands to keep their customer bound and involved. New media includes the platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to promote their products. Facebook has been used by the most number of marketers so far. Hence marketers are focused to use it more efficiently. For a marketer it is a point of concern to increase the number of users on the brand page in form of Likes. They use creative strategies to keep interest alive on their brand page. Brand pages like Starbucks, Oreo or Addidas have millions of likes as they are big and well known brands. But products that yet to become brands struggle to get likes. By looking at the fact that likes have become priceless people have started providing various tools on internet to increase the number of likes. They also say that all likes are manually clicked by the facebook users and are not fake accounts. As a marketer if you are going to buy facebook likes you will have to be specific for either standard likes or targeted likes. Depending on the budget you can buy facebook likes. For example if you want to buy 500 likes it will cost you around 30 dollars similarly price for 100,000 facebook likes is around 2,000 dollars.