Facebook is the latest platform for the youngsters, teenagers as well as professionals. Probably old people and senior citizens are also not away from its influence. You see in the movies, radio gossips, reality shows; facebook is often spoken about. It is the hottest trend of marketing in a decade old social networking oriented marketing. If I say today’s youth is mad about it and others are crazy; I won’t be wrong since they spent hours on it regularly.
If somebody does spread something with facebook it is not only going to give an immense exposure but also a respectable image.
It is so because people respect who follows the latest trend, who is fashionable and who keeps updating oneself with time. It is said that it is better to stay out of the world then being out of fashion to support my views.
The society wants the extra drive to get impressed by somebody. Facebook has the innovation that can be considered the way to present one’s product extra ordinarily and make the product a brand.
The image of a brand can be created by making positive comments on the groups of target market. The comments must be made indirectly since there are many and the comment must not seem a direct tool of marketing.
The image of the corporate can also be improved by declaring some pieces of information. The information could be related to some favor done to the society, targets achieved awards or rewards received, etc.
The most important is taking the feedback to establish good terms with the society. It works with the strategy of giving importance to people. They like being heard and followed so buy facebook likes and build brand image.